Project Spark game is no more. An announcement by Microsoft disclosed that the game and or creativity engine was going to be taken offline and all its services were taken down. All players who are currently with the game and have access to it only have until August 12 to get all the online content they want and after that, the discontinuation of online services will start.

The move must already have been anticipated by gamers of the Project Spark game after the company had announced the availability of the game for free on the Windows Store. Microsoft put into place measures and plans to reimburse anyone who had bought the game when it was still on the market for a price.

Project Spark No More After Closure Of Online Activities
Project Spark No More After Closure Of Online Activities

The company also announced a stop in the active development of the online services of the game. The move saw the shift of some employees working on the game shift to other departments at Microsoft.

The game’s troubles and decline can be traced back to its beginning. During its launch at an expo, there was some confusion in the sales pitches. The marketers responsible did not fully advertise all that was encompassed in the game. Analysts such Ars Technica’s Steven Strom noted the walls to the entry which came when players wanted to use it. He did, however, mention the game was a good one at the time.

The closure of the game and its online services is a blow to all fans of the game out there but the news that there will be no layovers at the company is surely something good to hear.


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