The collaboration between Gitaroo Man’s Keiichi Yano and Parappa the Rapper’s Masaya Matsuura has led to the all-new rhythm game of Project Rap Rabbit. The game has been confirmed for PC and a Kickstarter campaign has already been launched asking for 855,000 pounds which is about 1.1 million US dollars.

What is Project Rap Rabbit

The game is all about interactive rap battles and every battle will unlock new adventurous rapping levels and bonuses. The Project Rap Rabbit has been designed with a new zing and takes the classic rhythm game to a completely new level.

Project Rap Rabbit: The All New Rhythm Rap Game
Project Rap Rabbit: The All New Rhythm Rap Game

There is a dialogue tree which lets you select the emotion based dialogues and keywords to counter rap with your opponent.

Battles will be played in three steps. The players listen to his opponents rap and during this time there will be specific keywords which are going to be highlighted. The player will then select which keywords and the type of lyric to reply back to the opponent. It could be anything joke, bully, laugh or boast. The new dialogue system which comes with a keyword mechanism and considers the lyric also requires the player to manage the timing of the beat.

The Storyline of Project Rap Rabbit

The rapping rabbit is named Toto-Maru who has to battle in this case rap battle, some powerful overlords to save the world. Giving him company is his reliable sidekick a verified frog person – Otama-Maru.

The Developers of Project Rap Rabbit

Both Gitaroo Man and PaRappa the Rapper was not launched for the PC but Project Rap Rabbit seems to have made its way when the two developers joined hands. The creators of the game have excellent backgrounds when it comes to rhythm games especially Matsuura who in the past has also created Vib-Ribbon. Keeping up with him is Yano’s DS-exclusive Elite Beat Agents. Although the games are recent launches but they are definitely perfect rhythm games. The dup is going to do wonders with the game.

The Teaser of Project Rap Rabbit

There is very less information that is available about the rhythmic game but a minute long released teaser is set in Japanese background with some characters and several other things including a UFO kidnapping a cow. It sounds incredible and looks amazing.

The Facebook Page of Project Rap Rabbit disclosed that the formats and gameplay mechanics of the game would be revealed soon.

Release Date of Project Rap Rabbit

There is no exact date which has been revealed by the developers but it is not long that the game would hit the market. The game will be launched for PC and PlayStation 4. If Project Rap Rabbit reaches a goal of $3.1 million then it’s version will be released for the Xbox One and if the crowdfunding reaches $4.95 million then the developers promise to release a Nintendo version of the game.

Project Rap Rabbit is a new concept which people are looking forward to.


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