Prisma, one of the most powerful photo editing app is just a month old in iOS and already managed to occupy the top position in iOS app chart in various countries. This app was in beta on android and fortunately, this is now out of beta version, so all Android users can download the app from Google Play Store.

Prisma, the photo editing app can perfectly translate your photos into an art of work. The app employs artificial Intelligence and some neural networks to include the best filters using which users can seamlessly convert their photo in mind blowing artwork. Android users should just upload a picture from gallery or else click an image and start choosing the right filter.

Prisma App Now Available in Play Store, Out of Veta Version
Prisma App Now Available in Play Store, Out of Veta Version

Numerous filters are available in the app such as Curtain, Impression, Mondrian, Running in Storm etc while the intensity of all these filters can be defined just by swiping the filters left or right. The UI of Prisma is much simple and clean so anyone can do the job of photo editing effortlessly.

PrismaAlexey Moiseenkov, the CEO and co-founder of the company has stated that they are working on bringing out more features in the Prisma app which will include filters for video as well. He again went on to say that around 400 million photos have been edited in Prisma with around 10.6 million downloads in iOS and 1.55 million daily active users. And with it is available in Android, no doubt the popularity of the app will see a huge rise soon.

There is No In-App Purchase For Prisma

As of now no in-app purchase are there for Prisma and it is easily available in the Play Store. Another big advantage of the app is it let you share the edited photos directly on Instagram and Facebook, so this is no doubt a must have app for the enthusiastic photographers and social media hungry people.


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