With its colossal acquisition of LinkedIn in the morning, Microsoft is now getting an immediate response from the 400 million user’s dataset. This whooping number should fray Google, who is also looking to expand its base to business users.

Over the past year, the search giant has directed its focus and resources on to building its customer base of businesspeople. It will prove to be beneficial for their ‘ads business’. Now that Microsoft has a pool of data from LinkedIn, which is purely based on professional and personal information, Google, despite its efforts does not.

Microsoft Purchased LinkedIn
Microsoft Purchased LinkedIn

This acquisition gives Microsoft a huge edge on Google, who have recently developed Cortana, an artificial intelligence powered personal assistant. Google’s AI is widely considered best in the industry; but with LinkedIn’s data, Microsoft could have a critical edge in its offering that trumps Google.

Google Might Try to Catch Up with Microsoft

As anticipated, Google might try to catch up with Microsoft, as they are not short of cash, and neither they are short on will. Diane Greene, the SVP of the enterprise, who has considerable power in the company will look to increase her unit, even through acquisition, as reported in some reports earlier this month.

We have identified some of the major/potential targets of Google to match with Microsoft’s latest acquisition.

Slack: Slack proves to be very famous among young entrepreneurs and businesspeople. It’s one of the fastest growing business-messages application and currently boosts on 3 million daily users. One-third of the accounts there are paid, hence a considerable source of income as well.

Dropbox: What Dropbox lacks is the ability to provide real times updates of the profile. While Google already has its GDrive, they might want to add the half billion users to their profile, out of which 150,000 are businesses.