Microsoft Outlook debuted in the wearable with an Apple Watch app in last year August and now they have taken a step further by updating the app with an Android wear Watch face. Microsoft has announced recently about the new version of Android Wear of their mobile outlook mail and the calendar app. This version is designed such a way that the Outlook will act as the watch Face so that the app can stay surfaced all the time on the Smartwatch screen.

Android Wear watch face
Android Wear Watch Face

Outlook Android Wear, Comes With Great Personalization Options

The new version of the app is powered with some interesting features and these include having a glance at the daily events, receiving the inbox notification and interacting with the messages from the default screen of the watch just as you do on the phone. Details of the next event such as how much time is left for that and where you should be for the meeting etc. are displayed on the screen while it also shows off how many unread emails are ready for viewing in the mail. Not just that rather the watch face is also able to handle the event invitations and RSVP meeting.

With all these, it comes with great personalization options so that users can design the wearable as per their own style and requirement to reflect their own personality. Several face backgrounds are also available while you have the option to change the accent colors on the daily basis.

So, if your work set up is based on Outlook than on Gmail, get ready to enjoy the latest features that make dealing with the scheduling much easier. The latest update is easily available on the play store, download the version and sync app with your Android watch to get the best out of it.


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