Do you have a penchant for car-based adventure games? If you are a poly game lover, then Tweaking Technologies has come with the best game for you in this genre Poly Drive. With sleek and minimalistic Poly Art format, this game will take both your heart and attention away. Poly Drive is an endless adventure that lets you enjoy a seamless series of exciting poly attacks on your rivals. You can shoot continuously to gain coins. With the help of these coins, you can get access to some of the most amazing Poly cars that would amplify your Poly Drive experience.

The Poly Drive offers a myriad of poly cars options to the player. From mini cars to SUVs, pickup trucks, luxury cars, Beetle Poly, super poly, loaders, and even roadster poly – you can have it all on Poly Drive. By offering such a wide variety of specialized poly cars, this exciting game offers a storehouse of endless fun and gaming experience. You get these amazing cars as well as more power by stepping up the next level of the game.

Poly Drive - An Endless Adventure For Game Lovers
Poly Drive – An Endless Adventure For Game Lovers

Poly Drive is a perfect time-attacker for you as it offers endless driving, endless shooting, and amazing speed options with auto-fill bullets along with Nitro features. There are also some excellent shields offered by the game for protecting your car from the rivals. If you are looking for some fun package with endless exhilaration, then Poly Drive is a must-download for you.

Highlights of the Poly Drive Game

  • Endless driving, endless shooting, and special speed features
  • Crushing the rivals to earn more coins
  • Stepping up to the next level for more exciting features
  • Getting more coins and shields for protecting one’s position
  • Vivid and colorful poly car animations and environment

Salient Features of Poly Drive

  • Endless Driving: There is no stopping anywhere while playing this fun game. The players can drive endlessly with the help of nitro cylinders for enhanced speed. There is full-time gamer engagement with rushing traffic and rivals coming from the front side.
  • Unlimited Nitro Supply: For more power and speed, your game is equipped with unlimited Nitro supply. This feature is similar to the bullet cart and gets auto-filled with time for keeping your car running forever.
  • Endless Shooting: As you drive endlessly, rivals would keep storming your way. To keep safe from them, you need to shoot endlessly. The bullet cart feature of the game gets auto-filled and thus, lets you enjoy seamless shooting and destroying of the rivals.
  • Bonus Coins: The gamers can earn bonus coins as they knock out some rival. In addition to this, the gamers can also earn extra coins while driving their favorite Poly cars.
  • Protective Shields: The game offers two protective shields. This is to ensure that you are able to protect your car from the rivals while driving.

Wait no more and get your version of this amazing poly game.

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