Pokemon Go has received a wide acceptance and people all over the world enjoying this game at their best. The popularity of this game reached to an extent that people are now going out only to upgrade their Smartphone for playing this amazing video game. And that’s being said, players will not even hesitate to buy a battery pack to enhance their gaming experience.

A mobile pack is  a must have accessory for the Pokemon Go players as they are frequently required to refer to the Smartphone screen in order to catch the game.

The Popularity Of Pokemon Go Increased The Sales Of Portable Power Pack
The Popularity Of Pokemon Go Increased The Sales Of Portable Power Pack

According to a very recent figure from NPD, there is a surge in the sales of the mobile battery pack and Pokemon Go players are the one to blame for that. In the two week time period from 10th July to 23rd July, the sales of portable power pack have grown to 101 percent. The portable power packs are designed to charge the mobile devices like Smartphone and tablet. The number of mobile battery pack sold is 1.2 million after the launch of the game, which is a huge growth in the sales of the power pack.

However, there is another reason that dramatically raised the sale of the portable power pack. A recent update disabled the power saving mode of Pokemon Go in iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad, which is why players are eager to buy a battery pack. But, Niantic lab, the developer of the game promised that the mode will be back soon, by the mean time users are requested to find out some other ways to charge their battery.

The battery saver mode is being removed from iOS devices as many of the users were feeling it buggy, but not to worry as a fix for this issue will soon be rolled out and you can enjoy the game far better way.


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