The popular game Pokemon Go, which was unveiled just over a week ago has taken the world by storm. The game, in its short-lived time, has already managed to become the most popular mobile game in the history of the United States. Thus it comes as no surprise that the game’s servers have been struggling to keep with the demand from the very loyal fans. The game recently suffered a server problem last week and it seems like it happened again over the weekend. The outage left the Pokemon lovers without much to do over the weekend.

"Pokemon Go" Will Be Accessible on Android and iOS from July

One hacking group took responsibility for the server shutdown. The group claimed that they caused the shutdown due to a DDoS attack that they had put on the servers. The hacking group which is known as PoodleCorp wrote on Twitter that they were responsible for the attack and the server shutdown, and their claimed leader, XO, said that the group was planning future attacks on the Pokemon Go servers. The group has been known recently to target some high profile YouTube stars including Pewdiepie.

Pokemon Go is a Location Based Augmented Reality Game

Distributed Denial of Service are ways that hackers attack a certain website or server by flooding it with traffic that it won’t be able to handle. After the attack, some Pokemon Go players took to social media to talk about their frustration at the fact that they could not play their beloved game for a whole day. Niantic, one of the developers responsible for the game refused to confirm or deny the allegations that were made by PoodleCorp. The company wrote on their website that they were currently encountering some problems with the servers for the game, but did not mention anything about the attack.

Pokemon Go is a location based augmented reality game and was released in July 2016. At the moment the game is only available in select countries including the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Germany. The company has vowed to release the game in other countries in the coming days.


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