Pokemon Go was the game to play this summer and the game is still going strong. However to keep up with demand and to keep their game interesting, the developers have had to release updates and downloads just like any other developer with a great app. There is a new update which features a new tracking feature which was initially in the game when it launched earlier this summer.

Pokemon Go announces nee update with the Nearby Tracking feature
Pokemon Go announces nee update with the Nearby Tracking feature

Thankfully, for all Pokemon Go players across the globe, the developers have pulled through. After the developers, Niantic removed the game with a later update, gamers were angry with the move and the company felt the full backlash of gamers.

Seeing all this, the company noted that they were going to fix the problem and return the functionality and then return it back to the game. Niantic seems to have stuck to their word now.

In a blog post, the company detailed and explained the new feature and said that it would be available in various including the San Francisco region, which was the original test grounds for the feature in the first place.

The company also noted a fee days back that they would be expanding the ability for the Trainers feature in the game in Arizona, Seattle area of Washington and the rest of the San Francisco Bay area so that they could test the version of the feature. They are still a long way from the global roll out the company says.

The company also announced a new iPhone and Android update which would be on the game and it is going to bring in with it nee features such as daily bonuses. The update for the two operating systems includes overall; earning bonuses for first Pokemon catch and PokeStop visit each day.

Receiving larger bonuses with each continuing day. When a player defeats a rival Gym Leader, they get a period where they can place the Pokemon in the open gym. The amount of Prestige which one receives after defeating a regular gym has increased, while at the same time, the amount of training at a friendly gym has decreased. The company also said they had input minor test fixes.


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