Pokemon Go, the game that has captivated people in countries such as the US, Australia, and the UK has finally come to the Japanese market. The app is available on the Android and Apple devices in the country. It’s rather strange how long it took for the country that birthed the first Pokemon franchise games nearly two decades ago.

The game comes two weeks after the original debut in the overseas market, a move which has seen the Nintendo Co. shares rise as much as 6.9 percent and also seen their market value rise by $20 billion.

Pokemon Go Finally Launches Where It All Started, in Japan
Pokemon Go Finally Launches Where It All Started, in Japan

Japan was the 36th country to receive the much-loved smartphone virtual game, yet the country is the second most lucrative market for smartphone apps. The makers of the game have been trying to placate the fans with some messages of support and for their patience and they even recruited a composer to write a song asking for their patience.

One analyst at Ace Research Institute, Hideki Yasuda said that everyone in the country had been waiting for the game to come. He said that there was no doubt whatsoever that the game would be popular in the country. Way before the release, the Chief Cabinet Secretary for Japan, Yoshihide Suga, came out saying that players of the game had to exercise caution and play the game in a safe manner. Yasuda said that the company did not need to use any money on marketing because the frenzy about the game and comments from high-ranking officials such as Suga, had attention on the game rising.

As the company plans to continually release the game in different markets, it is yet unclear when the game will be released in the third and fourth countries which are the biggest markets for smartphone apps. Those countries are China and South Korea respectively, and the company says that they face difficulties because of government restrictions.


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