Nintendo, the Japanese gaming company has recently launched a game made on Niantic’s Real World Gaming Platform – Pokemon Go! This game makes you experience time travelling in real means. The game uses real locations to inspire gamers to look far and wide in the real world to find Pokemon and catch them.

There are more than hundred species that you can collect by exploring your surroundings. You need to literally get out of your house, and search for wild Pokemons and catch them. Explore the towns and cities of the area where you live or the entire globe, to capture as many Pokemon you wish.

Pokemon Go Fervor Taking Over Millions of People
Pokemon Go Fervor Taking Over Millions of People

Pokemon Go Developed for iPhone and Android Users

This game has been developed for iPhone and Android users. When you are close to a Pokemon, your device will vibrate to aware you of it being nearby. On encountering a Pokemon you need to touch the screen of your smartphone, take aim and throw a Pokeball at it to catch it. The Pokemon might also run away if you are not careful while catching it. Poke Balls and other interesting items can be collected from places like historical places and public art installations.

This exciting game which forces the player to move around and explore their surroundings has proved to be a phenomenal success for the company. Increasing its market value by $17 billion in just over a week’s time. Seth Fischer who is the chief investment officer of the Oasis Management stated that this success on the new game might bring a whole change in the strategy of Nintendo to make games on the Apple and Google Platforms. He has been campaigning for years for the Japanese company to develop mobile games, after being inspired by the success of Candy Crush.

The Spokesperson of Nintendo mentioned that there were three main objectives of the mobile strategy, which is to make profits on the mobile devices as well, to create collaborations with the console business and to maximise publicity of the intellectual properties of Nintendo to its customers.


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