Niantic finally announced the launch of the much awaited mobile game “Pokemon Go”. Nintendo declared that the game will be released in July; however a precise date was not disclosed. The main accessory of the game would be a wrist-worne gadget known as “Pokemon Go Plus”  using which the game can be played without a smartphone and is priced at $34.99. Nintendo elucidated that the device would not be available at the time of the launch.

Nintendo Declared Pokemon Go Will Be Released in July

Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

Niantic is also the developers for “Ingress” and the game has been incorporated in the same real world exploration fundamentals as that of the ‘Ingress’ only with a twist of Pokemon. The gameplay involves looking through the smartphone camera while the software is integrating the digital creatures in the surroundings.

A detailed explanation is that one would be able to take the role of a trainer and go to places of interest where you stay or are prominent landmarks. At any given time, the gyms would be controlled by either one of the three groups, Yellow, Blue, or Red team. One can take the control of gyms for their vowed party by combating their Pokémon. Teaming up with others in the real world increases one’s probabilities of triumph.

Nintendo also clarified that players would be capable of levelling up their trainers to catch strong Pokemon. The players can use the candy rewards to evolve the Pokemon.

Nintendo is yet to decide on hosting local events for players to capture the much looked for Pokemon like Zapdos and Mewtwo. Also exchange of Pokemon will not be available at the launch as the developers are still working on this part.

Nintendo said that two games, Pokémon Moon, and Sun, will be started by this November.


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