It’s just one year that the exciting Pokemon Go had conquered all of the smartphones. It is the time that the users might be offered an inflow of the legendary Pokemon as well. And this is going to happen this summer itself.

This 21st Annual Webby Awards witnessed several winners. However, it was Niantic, the company behind the development of Pokemon Go that came out to be the biggest winner amongst them all. The company was able to bag 5 Webby Awards. It also received the “Best Mobile Game” award. And the speech given by Bhargava of Niantic said just one line “Summer will be legendary“.

Legendary Pokemon Might Come to Pokemon Go This Summer: Hints Niantic
Legendary Pokemon Might Come to Pokemon Go This Summer: Hints Niantic

To be true to the words, Niantic would be launching the highly awaited legendary Pokemon this summer in the game series. Niantic has hinted that in the plans of 2017, it aims to include the legendary beasts into the Pokemon Go game.

The legendaries would include the Mewtwo, Mew along with three bird Pokemon, Moltres, Zapdos, and Articuno. There is no clear indication of the fact that whether legendaries from 2nd Generation would be included as well namely Entei, Raikou, Celebi, Ho-Oh, and Luigi.

Around 80 legendaries from Generation 2 were included in Pokemon Go this year. This had resulted in a new excitement among the players to wander across the streets searching for the fresh pack of Pokemon monsters.

The company Niantic has also organized some theme events. These events were aimed at creating exhilaration among the players in the reality game. The events included the recent Adventure Week that tends to boost the spawning rate of Pokemon of rock-type.

All the Pokemon lovers could be thrilled about this new introduction of the legendaries into the game series Pokemon Go. So get set ready to catch some new monsters out on the streets.


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