Podbudy is a new audio accessory that keeps your earbuds securely in place while you run, train, dance, groove, or take over the world!

The universal truth is that we have all experienced that moment when our earphones fall out at the wrong moment. Working out is hard enough without having to stop, retrieve your earbuds and reposition them back in place.

Podbudy, With You At Every Step

Podbudy, a stylish, easy-to-use, comfortable, stylish and lightweight accessory, was created to keep earphones in place without slippage from movement or sweat.

Now you can experience a hassle-free training experience with uninterrupted music in your ears thanks to Podbudy. Available until Jan 07 ’18 on Kickstarter.

Why Podbudy?

  • Earphones stay securely and comfortably attached, with no more wandering or slipping.
  • Less distraction due to adjusting earbuds means better workouts.
  • Stylish, comfortable and easy-to-use design and extremely light to wear, made with a durable but flexible resin material.
  • Compatible with a wide range of earbuds from wireless airpods to good old wired earbuds.
  • Adapts to all ear shapes and sizes, thanks to its ergonomic design and materiality.


Walk into any gym or fitness center and you’ll see everyone has one thing in common, earphones. Whether you’re into Zumba, rock climbing, yoga, running or simply doing stretches, fitness routines make it hard to keep earphones in.

Wouldn’t it be better if our everyday quality earbuds held tightly in your ears during the active time? We answered yes, too. And we invested in creating the piece that can do just that.

Podbudy adapts to t snuggly around your ears and also adapts to a wide range of popular earphones, wireless or wired, to keep it from moving and ever distracting your routine again.

Adapts to the user’s ears

How do we ensure Podbudy ts snuggly? We’ve spent a year working with hundreds of test users trying dozens of different sizes and shapes until we arrived at the perfect ear loop design that could adapt to every set of ears.

Adapts to the user’s earbuds

Podbudy was carefully engineered to work with any kind of earbud. Through months and months of design iterations, we came up with our unique earphone docks that hold firmly to almost any earphone you can slide in.

Adapts to the user’s style

Podbudy evolved by observing how our test users interacted with it. Everyone wore it differently, so we made it operational from whichever side and direction one wants to wear it. Podbudy is all about freedom!

Adapts to the user’s comfort

Since everyone also positions their earphone differently for comfort, they can be placed in 3 different positions within Podbudy, to adjust for total stability and maximum comfort, and the user chooses their best fit.

Superior material, superior comfort

We went to extraordinary lengths to nd that elusive material that was flexible and strong to ensure that Podbudy was comfortable and insanely durable. Our material is also bio-sourced, so it’s easy on the environment.

Created by Comfortech

At Comfortech we have set out to work on solving life’s little annoyances with unique product solution. Our designs are about function, fun, and are. It was indeed the hatching of a simple solution to an everyday problem, in the form of Podbudy, that gave birth to Comfortech.

We are now busy building innovative, elegant solutions to everyday problems, manifested as physical objects, to follow Podbudy.

Story of Podbudy’s beginnings

Shiva Palani, the creator of Podbudy and founder of Comfortech, had experienced trouble with keeping his earphones in. And when he lost his brand new, expensive wireless, earbuds on a morning jog in the cold winter of 2016, he was driven to and a solution to his problem, which he then discovered was quite a commonplace for almost anyone. Frustrated with solutions available in the market, he set out to create a product that worked with any earphone you own and held rm no matter how hard you train or how fast you move. That winter morning set him on a yearlong journey working with over 30 professionals from 5 countries and interacting with hundreds of test users, to create Podbudy as we launch it now.

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