According to some of the recent reports, the team containing the hardware developers of Sony actually plans to update the PlayStation this year. The company is about to introduce a new hardware known as PS4.5 or PS4K may be released by the company by E3 2016 or on holiday 2016.

The new hardware has the capability to up-res games to near quality of 4K. Though all this may seem to the readers as mere rumors however since PlayStation VR may get released as well which obviously need a stronger and powerful hardware, hence the release of PS4K seems like a reality.

Sony actually plans to update the PlayStation
Sony actually plans to update the PlayStation

According to statistics PlayStation 4 has sold about 35 million units throughout the world, and the trend continues and there seems to be no chance that such sales figure will decrease. There are many reasons behind these high sales such as quality graphics and excellent games.

As far as games are concerned, there are many excellent games which are yet to be released and which have not come into the market yet, hopefully, these games will hit the shelves soon in the coming months.

There are also rumors about PS5 getting released as well, though this is not happening this year but talks about PS5 are there in the market, and it is almost a guarantee that PS5 will arrive in the markets eventually, however, we believe that at the moment Play Station 5 is in the stage of development.  Its exact release date has not been disclosed yet.


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