Sony’s PlayStation VR will come out with a number of advantages, such as having a low price, ease of use, and the obvious brand recognition. But at the moment, it has some key weaknesses that could hurt the VR market.

The PlayStation Move Controllers are creating numerous problems that have us worried about VR. They are not only unreliable, but also uncomfortable, and that is the weakest point of Sony’s push into VR. Sony Move devices pair with remote-like wands, that promise to give you a precision articulation and gestures.

PlayStation VR has Worrisome Weaknesses
PlayStation VR

Sony released Move in 2010, for PS3 in an effort to beat Nintendo’s Wii and its very trendy motion controls. It uses the camera to track the position of the bulb at the end of the ‘wand’. The very same technology that is used to empower DualShock 4 and VR headsets. Sony has upgraded its camera to identify the bulb, but when it comes to Move itself, the technology is old. which means it is not giving enough calibration, and precision.

User comments:

Batman: Arkham VR required me to calibrate my weapons. In one challenge, I threw my batarangs at a target, and it didn’t matter how I threw them. they always went straight to the target. It came across like developer Rocksteady wanted to understand my “batarang throwing movements” for future reference, but it also didn’t trust the Move enough to give me 1-to-1 control in combat.

Final Fantasy XV VR, which I played right after Batman, emphasized why a developer like Rocksteady might not trust Move. In this Square Enix experience, which is nothing more than a shooting gallery, the real-world Move, and my in-game gun never synced up. I would point directly my target, a Behemoth (one of the classic monsters from the series), and my gun would fire up and to the right.

The inaccuracy of this technology is worrisome. It could hamper the progress of VR technology as a whole.


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