If you are a PlayStation Plus annual or monthly subscriber, this news might be disappointing for you as Sony has decided to make a price hike in the PlayStation Plus fee that will be effective starting September 22nd.

This announcement was made by the company itself just yesterday by providing users with 1 month of the time period for the price hike.

PlayStation Plus Price Increase, Will Be $10 In September 22nd
PlayStation Plus Price Increase Will Be $10 In September 22nd

The PlayStation Plus subscription service provides pretty well to the players such as free monthly downloads for company’s various systems while the subscribers can also play online PS4 games for an annual fee. This fee was $50 till now while Sony has decided to raise it by $10, that is you have to pay now an annual fee of $60 to enjoy the same features. Unfortunately, Sony is not coming up with any extra features while they are making a hike in the fees.

It was also mentioned in the announcement that this is the first price hike after this PlayStation Plus service was launched in 2010, so we all should be thanks to the current market conditions. The monthly membership will still remain $10 in the USA while the three-month subscription will go up to $25.

However, nothing about the pre-paid subscription card, when and how the prices will go up for them is mentioned in the announcement yet. Those want to enjoy the lower price range, go for picking up one of the code before the price is changed and then apply for what you actually pay for a current PlayStation Plus subscription.

So, now Sony’s PlayStation Plus Subscription fees are equal to the Xbox’s Live Gold $60 annual fee. Microsoft raised their price from $50 to $60 in 2010 while Sony took few more years to come to the same point.


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