Another E3, another dozen stories on how Sony stole the show. While other companies might have had their moments this E3, but Sony came out with all their will to dominate the event with their launches. This has been happening for a past few years, but how? There are a few reasons, as we understand:

They Know What to Show

Sony has a sense of spectacle. They demonstrate what people would like, and for every single time, they steal the show with their shows. In the year they introduced God of War, they knew Xbox was showing their weaker/weakest games at the time. That’s how they roll.

How PlayStation Owns Xbox on Every E3
How PlayStation Owns Xbox on Every E3

They Now Know How Pace

Sony knows how to showcase their games. They show game after game, leaving little time for speeches and awkward stage demonstrations. They have one MC (the head of PlayStation Exec), and a bunch of developers who give brief introductions to the games. Their shows are usually the longest, but it doesn’t feel like they are dragging it.

They Understand Messaging

Sony knows how to deliver their message. They literally destroyed Xbox back in E3 2013, when they taunted Xbox with their weird gaming and sharing policies. They played a short video where they showed a gamer handing a game to another game, titling it as “That’s how you share on PlayStation”. It is one of the all-time great E3 moments!

Sony to Win E3 Every Year

These three factors combine to allow Sony to win E3 every year, so far, and their competitors are failing to realize their mistakes all these years. Microsoft still stumbling, only had to announce their strongest console ever, yet they still have to make up for the mess in rest of the departments.

So yes, Sony wins, again, and it didn’t come as a surprise to us.


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