Sony is about to release a new version this year, in 2016, for the second time of its PlayStation 4 game console. This console is expected to launch for $399 on November 10 and is a real upgrade from its original PS4 with respect to its horsepower. It is able to produce prettier graphics and higher resolutions with some games, besides faster loading times. The PlayStation 4 Pro is a bit different internally from the existing PS4. Of course, there is nothing as a gigantic jump in power, but it is a notable lift.

The PlayStation 4 Pro all set to launch in November, 2016
The PlayStation 4 Pro all set to launch in November 2016

Find here the complete rundown:

  • Supports 4K resolution and high dynamic range on TVs supporting them.
  • Additional processing power for graphics so virtual and traditional reality games performs better.
  • 1 TB hard drive.

PS4 Pro’s processor unit features advanced graphics and it incorporates many more features from latest AMD’s ‘Polaris’ architecture, and also includes some custom hardware innovations, that are more powerful than the GPU that is in the standard PS4.

If you own a PlayStation 4 already – Relax. You need not run to buy a PS4 Pro. This is because; every game coming out for the Pro will work also on the regular PS4.

There may be PlayStation 5 someday, but it is not this now. The new release PS4Pro is an upgrade of the existing PS4 and it will permit developers to give more as technology is scaling heights speedily.

PlayStation 4 Pro is for People Owns 4K TV

Though PS4 Pro is more powerful, there is no addition of exclusive games. This is only a technical upgrade. The PlayStation 4 Pro is for people owning 4K televisions, the one after HD. This is identical to PlayStation 4 functionally that was launched in 2013 and the only difference is that now it is slimmer.

The PlayStation 4 Pro processing power is used for upping the resolution such that the games on your HD TV will run faster and smoother than on a standard PlayStation 4.


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