The PlayStation since its initial launching has revolutionized the console gaming industry. The PlayStation has come up with some wonderful graphics and games throughout the years despite the fact that it has been given some serious competition from other consoles like Xbox etc.

As a part of its continuous innovation, The PlayStation 4 Pro has been introduced recently and one can say that it a new version of PS4 however the level of Power is much higher.

PlayStation 4 Pro An Insight
PlayStation 4 Pro An Insight

According to the company ie Sony, the PS4 Pro represents an upgrade of Mid Generational nature. Some facts PS4 Pro are as follows:

  • Release Date: The date of Release is 10th of November 2016
  • Cost: The cost of the new console is around $560, $399 and £349
  • Working: The games of PS4 can be played on PS4 Pro
  • Graphical Boost: Graphical Boost can be their only if the developers of the game, patch the games
  • Why: The basic purpose behind the development of PS4 Pro is to make use of the new and emerging technologies such as HDR-capable TVs and 4K
  • 4K: It is usually referred to as a resolution that has the ability to offer 2,160 worth vertical pixels and 3,840 worth horizontal pixels

Though specifications can be pretty technical however it is important to list some of the specifications as well. The specifications are as follows

  • CPU: Jaguar(x86-64 AMD)
  • Memory: 1GB DRAM + GDDR5 8GB
  • Size of Storage: 5,400rpm which can be equal to 1TB
  • Dimensions(External): 295x55x327 mm/11.6×2.1×12.8
  • Mass: The Mass of the Console is around 3.3 kg/2.2 pounds
  • Power: The Power of the Console is Around 50/60Hz, AC 100V
  • Consumption: The Power consumption rate of Console is 310W Maximum

10th of November 2016 is the date for you. There is already a lot of Buzz in the market about PS4 Pro. The real analysis of the console can only be done after its launch as that will open up many other aspects as well.


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