Microsoft has taken one step further towards helping the business and a small team in better collaboration and staying on track by launching Trello and Asana like tool called Planner. Planner app is a web-based tool that will come for free and as a part of Microsoft Office 365 suite where employees can lay out their plan for business and project objectives, share them with other teammates, create a plan, share files, assign tasks, update the other teammates on the status and more.

Microsoft Planner App
Microsoft Planner App

Planner App is A Web-based Tool

Microsoft has utilized the concept of digital white board plastered with a note card to create this app where the boards can be organized in a large project or in columns called as ‘buckets’. Each and every card in the app will carry attachments, will be color coded with due dates and will also include their own conversation for each and every task. Hub is the point in the tool for monitoring the project and tracking progress while it also let you analyze who all are meeting the deadlines and then allow you to navigate to your own task. Users who are in deep Microsoft Ecosystem, the planner might be the best choice for them as this is integrated with other Microsoft products such as Outlook and OneNote.

Project Management tool is the heart of most of the organizations these days starting from the government to corporations as many of their jobs is done through it. So, this free tool from Microsoft is really a great gift to all the Office 365 tenants and the company will soon roll out this app over the coming weeks. This app is designed for the planners and can be handled by people who are not expert in building plans. So, stay tuned to enjoy all the features of this app as soon as it is rolled out by Microsoft.


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