Pictures are worth a thousand words. They can tell stories that no words can entail, they can impart emotions that your expressions fail to say, and most of all they can connect you with others in a world beyond words. This is why social media platforms are raging with photos these days and Instagram is no longer the only place to explore some great photos. But the popularity of photos in our digitized lives has increased so much that every phone user needs a good app to make sure that their photos look perfect before they are posted for others to see it. Pixomatic 3.0 for iOS is all about perfection when it comes to editing photos. And this is what makes it better than the other photo editing apps that you will find in the Store.

Their most recent update includes a hair tool which makes editing smoother and cleaner than ever before. We used Pixomatic 3.0 on an iPhone 6 and enjoyed every bit of the experience.

Pixomatic 3.0 for iOS – Let Your Pictures Do the Talking
Pixomatic 3.0 for iOS – Let Your Pictures Do the Talking

Installation and User Interface

Finding the app on the store was quick and the installation completed quickly. We opened the app and we could begin by picking a photo that we wanted to edit. The interface is simple and it is easy to understand so that people of all ages can use the app without having to look for help. All the tools in the app are labeled for easy recognition.

Features that make Pixomatic 3.0 stand out

Pixomatic 3.0 for iOS
Pixomatic 3.0 for iOS

Hair tool – the first of its kind for mobile users, the hair tool introduces refinement in mobile photo editing. It gives you the chance to cut an image cleanly and makes sure that the hair does not turn into a problem when it comes to cutting an image. You can bid shabbiness goodbye with this cool feature.

Artistic Filters–breathing in some animation or producing an artistic rendition of your photo is easy with the artistic filters available on Pixomatic 3.0. There are quite a few of these filters which look fantastic and give your photos a totally new outlook.

Work Easily With Layers – Working with layers on a mobile app was never as easy as this. Use the app to edit a photo like a professional without having to learn photo editing like them. Pixomatic is simple yet very effective for your photos.


Pixomatic 3.0 works on iPhone and iPad which is running on iOS 8 or above. It is available for $4.99 on the Store. Given the incredible features of the app, you will find it to be worth the money you pay for it. The current version is rated 5 stars and it supports a number of languages too.


We liked the ease with which a simple photo can gain an outstanding edge with the help of Pixomatic 3.0. You will find yourself dabbling with the different features and filters to create memes, or to share your creative photos with friends and family members. If you like to edit your photos and you are looking to add an element of fun or depth to your images then Pixomatic 3.0 will be a great addition to your iOS device.


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