The Google Pixel C tablet launched in late 2015 with the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 Operating System and has now received the update to Android Nougat 7.1.2. The second beta version of Android Nougat 7.1.2 was released to the beta tester in January 2017 and was soon to be made available to the Pixel and Nexus devices.

The new update, however, makes the tablet look more like its smartphone sibling. The new update tweaks many things. This includes the interface navigation buttons and blue-ish-grey aesthetic that is seen on the smaller smartphone Pixel.

The Pixel C tab to Look More like the Pixel Smartphones
The Pixel C tab to Look More like the Pixel Smartphones

The interface also gets a multi-tasking menu, which is a very welcome addition to any smartphone or tablet device. The menu allows users to select and/or switch from up to 8 apps that would be currently open on their device. The changes help bring the two Pixel variants together in terms of the aesthetic feel: the two now have similar navigation buttons and color scheme.

The “App Drawer” has also been removed, where users had to swipe up and down to view all the apps installed on the device. It still has not been announced when the update will be available for other devices. Till now only a few Pixel C users have received the update but it should be available to all Pixel users from 3rd April 3, 2017, onwards.

It may not be known when the Google Pixel and the Google Nexus 6 users will have the update readily available to them but it is expected that the new update should bring new changes with it, such as those to the interface.

For the Pixel smartphone, it is expected that the update will make the Android logo appear on the boot screen and for the Nexus 6, it is expected to enable gesture recognition on the fingerprint scanner.


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