Photos and all those memories attached to it are no longer about having to deal with the look your camera captured for you. There are so many ways in which you can make every picture an amazing one. Whether it is filtered or cropping someone out of the photo or adding someone to it, there is an app that does all of it and even more – PicsArt.

We like the way they refer to themselves as a creative community because this app is all about letting the creative juices churn out funky, adorable or even animated photos of you and all the things you want to capture in your camera. The app allows you to share your edited images with the rest of the community just like any other social media platform.

PicsArt – Stepping Up the Photo Editing Game
PicsArt – Stepping Up the Photo Editing Game

We used this free app to find out how it measures up in all aspects from user-friendliness to availability of options. It turns out that PicsArt is definitely a keeper.

Installation and Interface

With more than 90 million users, PicsArt is an easy to install the app. The interface is vibrant yet simple.  The app opens to a page which allows you to go through the best of the images shared on the community. You can like these pics, post them further and even comment on them. The user-friendly app has a community of users who share images just like in any other social media platform. And if you are in the mood for challenges, then head into the challenges section of the app and you will definitely find something to tap into your creativity.


The photo editing abilities of this app is splendid. There are lots of options and some very quirky and fun filters available which can liven up just about any jaded image. You can add camera flare, masks, stamps, and even draw on the photo. For those who like merging photos or creating collages, you wouldn’t have to worry about installing additional apps. Create a collage by adding more photos to the photo you are editing or merge two photos together. With a creative mind, this app has no limitations when it comes to editing.


A recent addition to the app is the stickers. You will be able to create custom stickers and share them with your friends. Head into the community to discover new stickers that others in the community have shared as well. With stickers, PicsArt becomes, even more, fun. You can download and use the stickers on your messaging apps too. Keep an eye out for the trending stickers and if you like the stickers then you can use them too. You can use the in-app messaging service Remix chat to send the stickers to friends, or you can use them on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp and other popular social media platforms.

What We Like About It

  • It has a lively and user-friendly interface that encourages people to explore their own creativity.
  • A huge repository of free images available in the community for you to use for stickers or to share with friends.
  • Precision makes the apps features standout from other image-editing apps.

For a free app, PicsArt provides a powerful combination of robust image-editing features and a quirky community loaded with tons of images for you to flip through. This is an app that you must definitely try on your iOS or Android device.

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