PicsArt the social image editing app which is much popular for its excellent features has released a new tool Live Stickers which is meant to convert your captured photos into a more interesting one. PicsArt is really very popular and it is being used by users across the globe greatly. It has almost 90 million monthly active users to indicate how it is being accepted by the users.

Like every app this photo editing tool keep adding new features and functionality to convince users about its specialty and this no doubt forces many of us to have this app in our Smartphone to pass some quality time in between the work.

PicsArt’s Newly Released Tool Live Stickers To Make Selfies More Interesting
PicsArt’s Newly Released Tool Live Stickers To Make Selfies More Interesting

Live Stickers is the newly released tool by PicsArt which has come to prove that selfies will become even more interesting than before with this tool in your hand. The company launched Custom Sticker containing a 3D twist almost two months back that let users turn a photo into a sticker which then can be slapped onto other photos.

And now with all the custom stickers that are been prepared and shared PicsArt has enabled to use them straight from the camera screen and this is actually Live Stickers.

The process to use PicsArt’s Live Stickers is explained here in full detail.

How to use PicsArt’s Live Stickers?

  • First, download the PicsArt app and install it on your phone. Also download the collage maker for, Android, iOS or Windows whatever you are using.
  • Next launch the app.
  • A pink colored plus sign will be visible at the bottom of the screen. Tap on that and go for tapping the ‘Edit‘ option.
  • Here you are required to tap on the camera icon.
  • At the bottom of the screen, you will notice a sticker icon which will show and hide the sticker carousel. So tap on that which will open the sticker Menu from where you can look for something that you are searching.
  • Choose the sticker from that menu and when you are done choosing one, drag and drop it on the screen. The size of the sticker can be adjusted by a pinch of two fingers. So, adjust it as per your need.
  • The sticker can be removed the same way by dragging and dropping it into a trash can which is situated at the top of the screen.
  • Get ready and take the selfie. Tap on the arrow icon then at the top right corner. Your photo will be opened in the PicsArt Photo Editor. Here you can perform the additional editing you want. That’s it.
  • Now save it and it will be saved in your phone for using it later on and to share with the PicsArt community.

This feature of PicsArt is rolling out in Android while it is already available on the latest version of iOS.


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