With Artificial Intelligence (AI) taking the world of technology by storm, PicsArt today has introduced its image editing effects which would be powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Be it your holiday photos, work images or the most cherished birthday or the wedding pictures, PicsArt is all set to transform your images for real using the Artificial Intelligence technology.

Another striking feature of this advancement is that the new version would also include a new Challenges page where the users can take part in daily challenges or competitions to hone their image editing skills. The users can compete with their friends or even with the other participants in the PicsArt community.

PicsArt Announced its AI-Powered Magic Effects
PicsArt Announced its AI-Powered Magic Effects

This mega competition is all set to rock the life of the proficient as well as the amateur image editors which will commence from 22nd December and will continue till 9th January. PicsArt has announced that it will give away free holiday clipart packages to the winners of the competition.

PicsArt Magic Effects

The PicsArt recently launched Magic Effects is gaining impetus due to the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the pictures or images into a real-life resemblance of hand-made paintings.

PicsArt has already launched twenty Magic Effects for the efficient editing of the images. Some of them include – a Wonderland theme which transforms the picture into a frosty landscape and a Money theme which would make your images look like they have been printed on currency notes. PicsArt is aiming to launch new Magic Effects each week since its launch and thus the users have plenty in store for them.

Even the new Challenges page offers great fun to the users wherein they can even set up a fun image editing game with the other peers from the PicsArt community. The users are entitled to place their votes and can participate in the weekly or daily Challenges.

The various forms of activities which might take place on the Challenges page might include drawing or making fun wallpapers of holidays or even capturing the memorable pictures of the favorite place or lovely food.

The users can even search for the top images which won the Challenge earlier to inspire themselves. The competitors can take help from these winning images and can learn some vital image editing skills such that they too can win the next PicsArt Challenge.

Off Grid Image Effect

Another most important feature offered by the PicsArt community through the introduction of the Magic Effects version is the new effect for image editing known as the Off Grid. However, the Off Grid image effect is not powered by the Artificial Intelligence (AI); it can still make the best of the image editing tools. Once you use it, it will transform your cool images in grid-like structures to enhance the entire look.

These cool effects launched by PicsArt are available for the updates of the Windows 10 devices. With the holidays around the corner, every Windows user is in utter excitement to use the special Magic effects and to take part in the super-exciting image editing Challenges.


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