From the small kid with the iPad running around the garden trying to capture the fluttering butterfly to the passionate photographer taking the road less traveled to explore beauty through his lens, images tell a million stories and each one of those stories deserve to look remarkable.This is exactly where a good photo editing software fits in. There are so many of these image editors that boast of tons of tools and lots of complex editing features. But the average user needs to keep it simple and that is where BeFunky’s Photo Enhancer fits the frame.

This software puts together all your image editing requirements into four easy effects – HDR DLX, Sharpen DLX, Vibrant Colors DLX and Denoise DLX. These four new effects in Photo Enhancer aim at fixing the four most common problems in a photo – exposure, sharpness, saturation and noise.

Enhance DLX
Enhance DLX

We used this free software to check its efficacy and it turned out to be so good that we ended up using it for enhancing lots of our pictures.

Using Photo Enhancer

You can either visit the website or you can download the Photo Editor tool on your Android or iOS device. You will be required to sign up by creating an account of using your Facebook or Google account login. The signup process is quick and easy and you get started immediately once you have signed up. You have the option to edit your photos on the app and you can continue editing it on the computer by signing in to the website from your computer. The seamless manner in which editing can be done regardless of the device you are using makes this a very user-friendly tool.

Once you are signed in, you can upload photos and begin editing them. Like we said before, the tool is all about making photo editing easy enough so that anyone can easily edit the images and get the desired effects. Simply click on one of the four effects listed on the screen and see your image transform according to the effect you have chosen.

There are other tools available to empower editors to go ahead with further image editing if they want to make more changes, but the simplicity with which you can bring remarkable changes using the four new Photo Enhancer effects is amazing.

What did we like about Photo Enhancer?

  • Simple yet potent
  • Every effect can be applied within seconds with just one click
  • The changes can be noticed by clicking on the picture to see the unedited photo and the changes after the effect was applied.
  • Lots of additional image editing options for people who want to edit their images further.
  • It allows you to share your edited images instantly to popular social media platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Twitter.


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