Artificial Intelligence (AI) assistants are not a new thing. Microsoft has Cortana, Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa and Google has Assistant. Now Samsung too has joined the fray with its own AI assistant, Bixby.

Announced on 20th March 2017, Bixby is expected to first appear in the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S8, which is expected to be announced by early 2017. Samsung says that the phone will feature a dedicated button to activate the assistant. Bixby will be unlike other AI assistant.

Phones Easier to Handle with Samsung's Bixby

It won’t be a database of options that the user tells to do certain tasks or asks questions about something. Rather, Samsung’s AI assistant will be a helper that will assist in making modern day smartphone tasks easier. Essentially, it is designed to help tackle problems with Samsung’s software and interface designs.

However, it is indicated that it won’t be as powerful as its contemporaries. Initially, it will only be able it handle preinstalled applications with compatibility for other apps coming in later updates. It will also only have English and Korean as language preferences, although other languages will be added later on.

Unlike other AIs, that are mostly used to ask questions about certain things and then they go searching for it on the internet, Bixby is designed to be called by the user when using Bixby enabled applications.

It will then understand the context of the application being used, and without disturbing the current process or work being done, will help the user with their needs. It is said to have a different philosophy and design concept from other Artificial Intelligence Assistants. Bixby will be used to develop a new interface within the Samsung phones and has the purpose of changing user behavior from just touch commands.


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