PhoneRescue is a handy software developed by iMobie for helping the iPhone users restore their lost or deleted data. Winning plaudits from over 5,000,000 iOS users across the world, PhoneRescue is your one-stop solution to get back all your lost data from the iPhone or iPad.

To top it all, PhoneRescue has also extended its excellent data recovery functionalities to the Android devices using which the Android users can make use of the straightforward solution to recover the important data & files to their Windows or Mac systems. It also offers them the ease of restoring the information directly to their Android devices.

All of these exciting data recovery features in one package! Read on as we unveil some more intriguing features and services about PhoneRescue!

Features of PhoneRescue

PhoneRescuePhoneRescue boasts as the best data recovery tool for both iOS and Android users. Some of its unique features include:

  • Custom-built for Different Smartphones: PhoneRescue serves more than just a simple recovery tool. The best feature is that it adopts the customized technologies of different smartphones or tablets. The software is offering a unique design of seven customized interfaces for the mainstream brands in the gadget industry including HTC, Samsung, Google, and so more.
  • Restoring Every Deleted Byte to Your Device: It is quite common to delete some important data or files by mistake. If that has happened to you, then you stop worrying and restore the same with the help of this excellent data recovery tool. All such mis-deleted files can be restored easily with just click.
  • Digging Our Precious File from Your Device: Your smartphone or tablet is a storehouse of several precious information even you do not know about. There are chances you might have missed out some messages, videos, and other multimedia files on your device. PhoneRescue digs all the way through your device and restores the most precious files that would bring a smile to your face.
  • Saving Your Privacy: PhoneRescue comes with a special feature to unlock your device in case you have forgotten the lock screen password or pattern, without losing any data. With just one click, you can get access to your device and thus, all your confidential files remain safe.

If you have deleted some files by mistake or have lost them due to some system failure, then do not cry over the loss. PhoneRescue lets you get back all those files to your device (both iOS as well as Android) with a few simple steps. Avail its benefits now!


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