Security is the top most priority in the world of smartphones. There are ample chances of your data being misused if you are planning to resell it. You don’t want your personal pictures, messages, contacts or any other details to be seen by a stranger. Another thing that we always run short of in phone is space. Moreover, the performance of a cluttered phone is always poor. PhoneClean is a program that will help you keep your iPhone and iPad free from all junk.

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Here is what you need to know about PhoneClean

Phone Clean
Phone Clean

There are some wonderful features which PhoneClean provides. Before it can clean your device PhoneClean will let you take a complete backup of everything. If you delete anything by mistake you can always get it back. Here are some features of PhotoClean.

Privacy Clean

An iOs data recovery tool could easily recover your call history even if you delete one. We all love our privacy and want to keep our personal information save. PrivacyClean does a permanent job and none of the deleted data can be recovered. This feature of the program is meant to protect your privacy from others. This feature lets you clear notes, call histories, voicemails and their attachments, notes, and messages. Everything is wiped clean.

Silent Clean

Cleaning junk files are important as it not only creates more space on the phone but also improves its performance. There are no special clicks required to clean your phone if you have PhoneClean on your device. You don’t even need to click on the PhoneClean icon to turn on the cleaning mode. The program automatically detects your iPhone or iPad when it is connected to the same WiFi that you use on your computer or share the same WiFi hotspot. The junk files are detected and deleted automatically. It happens quietly in the background.

System Clean

This function lets you clean all the data from iOS notifications, remaining’s from the deleted apps and active apps that keep running in the background. This will boost your device and make it faster to use. You will also save on your battery and your iPhone will become smoother to operate.

Internet Clean

We all understand how important it is to keep ourselves secure while browsing the internet. To have a save and fast browsing session on Safari this feature from PhoneClean will clear the cache, delete all cookies which are a potential hazard to your security, clear the history and the webmail cache too.

Quick Clean

This feature cleans all the temp files, crash log, iOS invalid data, camera photo caches, trash, cache from the apps and much more. This is a feature which is meant to be run on an everyday basis to keep your phone prompt and fast.

Erase Clean

If you are selling your phone and wish you sell a clean phone and protect your privacy from call histories to photos, this feature will permanently delete all data that you wish to erase.

PhoneClean is a great program for the iPhone and iPad users. Your phone will always be secure and fast with PhoneClean in it.



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