Technology has allowed us to do a lot but we should use it perfectly to get the best out of it. Phone Emergency Alert is one such example that was launched in 2012 with the aim to save lives and increase public safety but the limitation of it did not allow seizing the opportunity of it at the right extent.

This is a tool that is being used by the Public safety officials to alert people about missing children, notifying them about the local calamity or dangers, warning them about the impending weather calamities etc.

Phone Emergency Alert To Be Modified, Will Include Link
Phone Emergency Alert To Be Modified, Will Include Link

But the message was limited to just 90 plain characters that do not include any kind of phone numbers, link or images of the missing person. As a result people could not avail the perfect help from this alert and this alert was criticized for this reason. But the good news is that, now some change is going to happen in this alert message as the Federal Communication Commission’s has voted for maximizing the length of the alert message to 360 characters from 90. It will now include phone numbers and links but it will obviously take some time to come into effect as these kinds of messages are not as easy as text messages.

The inclusion of images in the alert messages is not considered as of now but soon this too will be included as the FCC is now reviewing a possibility for that in the coming future.

Along with this, a new class of emergency alert will also be added. Earlier there was three classes of alerts which are

  • Imminent threat: about weather or other emergency
  • Amber alert: for the missing or abducted children
  • Presidential messages during national emergency

And now ‘Public safety alerts’ will be included in the list the main aim of which is to save lives and safeguard property.


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