Microsoft committed a big blunder by removing the personal and small business finance app Microsoft Money from its office productivity suite which has left many Windows phone users at a great disadvantage.

And this has compelled someone to make an online petition for bringing back the Microsoft Money app in the famed office productivity suite of Microsoft.

Support The Online Petition To Bring Back Microsoft Money In Its Productivity Suite
Support The Online Petition To Bring Back Microsoft Money In Its Productivity Suite

With the absence of Microsoft Money, people were however left with another choice for managing their finance through the Mint app from Intuit. But things have gotten worse when Intuit too pulled their app from the Microsoft store last year. Mint was a very powerful small business and finance app that let users see bills and money in a single place while you can also receive alerts and schedule the payments to avoid late fees. Payments can be delivered first through this app while free custom tips for saving money and reducing the fees is also available there.

So, Windows phone users who were using the Microsoft Money were much happier with this Mint app after the glaring omission of Money. Even though Intuit suggests that users can always make use of the web version of Mint on, but things look really horrible in small devices such as Windows phone or tablet of 8-10 inch.

So, if you too are a Windows phone user and desperately want Microsoft to return to its Money app, then support the petition. This is no doubt a wonderful job by this person that will be really helpful for the Windows phone users. is the link to the petition, just click on the link and do the needful.

If Microsoft really wants to be “mobile first, productivity first” as is its stated goal, they need a decent finance app on mobile, web, and desktop devices. The app should be fully cross-platform, available on iOS, Android, and of course Windows 10!

So, join the petition and make the Microsoft office productivity suite more useful for you.


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