Last week Periscope announced that they were going to do a public beta test with the function that would allow users to save their broadcasts indefinitely. As recently as Monday the Twitter service came out saying that they were going to add three more features to the public beta. The three new features include the ability to broadcast between your phone camera going back and forth, a new DJI drone and also a GoPro action camera.

Since the Periscope videos do not delete immediately after 24 hours as they did previously, unless you choose to, of course, the service is now also going to include the option that saves videos by default. If the user does not want to save videos indefinitely then they can choose at what time they want them gone through an auto delete timer feature.

Periscope Adds Three New Features In Addition To The Autosave Feature
Periscope Adds Three New Features In Addition To The Autosave Feature

The new and updated Periscope app also makes it easier for users to look for live videos and any archived broadcasts through the use of a simple search bar that can get results from simply the titles and descriptions. The new update allows users to explore videos through hashtags such as #food, #music, and #travel.

DJI already added YouTube as a service last year which means that now you can live stream straight from the Periscope app. The GoPro camera comes in hand now as you can now change between the camera and your phone camera if need be. Using the new Sketch feature, users can now also narrate over the live video and draw over a stream highlighting details.

Apple iOS and Google Android users will get the new update over the next few weeks, Periscope says.


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