Pebble core, the unique beast is a 3G enabled, voice-driven ultraportable computer to help you accomplish many jobs efficiently in less time. Pebble is equipped with voice recognition technology since the introduction of Pebble time. When this pebble core was in the initial design stage, a team dedicated their effort towards building Pebble concierge, and also they looked deep into the voice technology. But after going through a deep beta testing they figured out that users are more interested in natural languages and speedy responses that Amazon Alexa already managed to conquer.

Pebble core
Pebble core

Pebble Core Became More Helpful After Integrating Alexa

It provided a great idea and the team thought of including Amazon’s tech into their device rather than starting from the scratch again. And this made the core to do all that Amazon echo is able of doing. So, the new Pebble core is able to do the following things along with doing Pebble-specific functionalities such as reviewing the daily health summary starting from heart rate, calories burnt, step count etc.

  • The Pebble core is able to play songs, playlist and artists from the Amazon iHeartRadio, Prime music and more.
  • Get you information about weather and traffic
  • Shop for required things from Amazon
  • Read the latest news headlines
  • Control the smart home devices such as a thermostat, lights, locks etc.
  • Set timer

That is pebble core became much more helpful after integrating Alexa in it and no doubt this is a good purchase under $100 carrying which you can travel anywhere and it will act as a very good virtual assistance for all time.

Those really interested in owning a Pebble core are suggested to take part in the ongoing Kickstarter campaign soon. It is really a nice and powerful platform to help you do all the job easily.


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