PDF documents are safe and all the elements including the visual ones are preserved in it. But we do need to edit these documents or extract the content for different official or personal reasons. You definitely don’t want to type the whole content again just to edit some words in the document.

Instead, you can simply convert the PDF format to Word document, make the changes and then turn them back to PDF if required. However, for this, you need to have a good PDF to Word Converter tool. One of the most loved tools that helps you in converting a PDF document into Word document is – PDF to Word Converter with OCR.

PDF to Word Converter - Convert PDF's to Word Documents in No Time
PDF to Word Converter – Convert PDF’s to Word Documents in No Time

The PDF to Word Converter works with all your devices and converts PDF’s to Word documents in no time. You can now use your PDF documents to edit or make changes in them. The technology used in the tool makes it fast and gives you editable Word documents converted from PDF forms, PDF tables, and PDF texts.

The Process

  • Install the PDF to Word Converter on the device
  • Locate the PDF document that you wish to convert to Word and open the document in PDF to Word
  • The PDF is then imported
  • The imported PDF document is sent to the server for conversion
  • Once the conversion is complete the document can be downloaded and then you can proceed with the editing


  • Any number of files of any size can be converted through this powerful tool
  • The quality of conversion from PDF to Word is flawless. The document is converted into Word exactly how it was converted.
  • PDF’s that are scanned can also be converted in no time with this tool.
  • The OCR technology also known as Optical Character Recognition lets you edit digitally printed texts easily.
  • You can even convert from OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive and other such storing places where you have saved your document in.

New Features

The developers constantly work on improving the tool for you by upgrading and adding newer and better features to it. The latest update has brought with it some new features which make the tool even more useful:

  • The tool now offers a powerful document scanner
  • It also detects paper automatically while scanning a certain document
  • Another new feature enables you to apply different filters and even rotate the scanned document
  • You can now convert screenshots and images of documents to Word
  • The user interface has been made even better. It is simple and intuitive which gives you the ease of usage.

Advantages of PDF to Word Converter with OCR

Besides being fast and having the OCR technology this tool also doesn’t overload your device. You don’t have to worry about your battery running out because the conversion happens in the server of this app keeping your device free of any overload.


The PDF to Word Converter with OCR has now been bettered with more features which will save your time and reduce your extra efforts. Simply download the app and you will love what it offers.

You can download PDF to Word Converter for your Android or Apple devices for free.

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