Keeping your device up-to-date has turned into an essential piece of owning a connected product. Not just do updates give the most recent as far as features, yet can likewise offer the user a more secure experience. LG has now issued an update for those using a G3 that will fix a vulnerability that was found a week ago.

Researchers at Cynet and BugSec found a genuinely extreme vulnerability in the ‘Smart Notice’ application that is installed by default in G3 gadgets. The “SNAP” vulnerability allows “an attacker to run arbitrary JavaScript code on the gadgets” that can “easily lead to authentic phishing assaults and to a full denial of service (DOS) on the gadget”. Fundamentally, if data is being funneled to the ‘Smart Notice’ unchecked, a malicious notification can be passed, and when checked will allow malicious code to be executed.

As mentioned before, LG has already issued a patch for the vulnerability that influences millions G3’s. So if you have not done as such yet, make sure to update your LG G3 quickly. LG has additionally begun revealing an update that conveys its handset to the most recent version of Android 6.0, Marshmallow.


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