Most women have experienced at least one situation where they do not feel safe, where they feel uncomfortable and uncertain. The Pride provides a simple solution to reach out for help when you need it with just the touch of a button.

The goal of this device is to end sexual harassment and assault in real-time using a tiered technological approach: personal networks, phone calls, and (ultimately) crowdsourcing.

Panic Button for the #MeToo Age
Panic Button for the #MeToo Age

After many years of working in industries where sexual assault is common, of traveling alone for work and for play, of taking a lot of chances, I was sexually assaulted at a local store that I frequent near my home.

Even though I was in a shop in the middle of the day, with people watching, no one interceded. That’s the day I knew what The Pride needed to be: a way for women to get the help they need, whether from friends and family or from a vetted ally, when and where they need it.

Said Jodi Lasky, Founder, and CEO of The Pride.

The Pride will allow users to share their exact location with a chosen, trusted network via text; request an automated phone call; and, coming soon, share their location with the nearby Pride community.

Lasky developed the concept behind the product three years ago but put it aside for other projects. Her personal experience coupled with the #MeToo movement compelled her to bring The Pride to market with her first device, the Nala.

Nala — available in both black and white — fits on a keychain, making it easily accessible in a questionable situation. The Pride will be launched in b8ta stores in NYC (in Macy’s), Chicago, DC, Houston, Austin, Seattle, and San Francisco as well as for purchase online starting July 1.

The hardware will sell for $25, which will also include the first six months of service. After which it will cost $2-4/month ($12/quarterly, $18/semi-annually, $24/year).

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