Overwatch hit the shelves of gaming stores last year and has since spanned a massive fan following. It blew away all the competition and became the go to online team-based shooter. It even bagged many gaming awards even the best shooter.

A lot of people from all over the world play the game. One of those players is a Reddit user Ethan. He had posted a GIF that showed how he earned Play of the Game by scoring close to half a dozen kills in a very small amount of time.

Overwatch Community Bands Together to Help a Fellow Gamer
Overwatch Community Bands Together to Help a Fellow Gamer

However, he also stated that he ran his Overwatch “on a potato” and so it was difficult to play good and get the achievement. Then the gaming community did something that would bring tears to the eyes of all gamers.

The gamers inquired about the specifications of his device. He gave them the specs and said that he was running on 800×600 resolution at the lowest graphics. Then the other users asked if they could donate computer parts like graphics cards to him.

For example, he used an AMD Radeon 8400, which couldn’t even match the minimum requirements of the game, and was offered the likes of a NVidia 660 or 770. And when he told them that his power supply wasn’t sufficient enough, he offered one. He was also offered a motherboard and a processor too.

Another user wanted to help him pick out the rest of the parts while not going too overboard. Ethan says he is at a loss words. The generosity of the community all coming together to help one person is definitely inspiring and heartwarming.

Ethan said that

…if this all works out and I end up getting this new PC I’ll probably break down crying.

Gone will be the days when he used to get excited when the FPS counter hit 30 all thanks to the generosity of the gaming community.


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