The Orange Box is a compilation for Video Games pertaining to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Linux and OS X. The production of the Xbox360 and Windows versions was done by Valve Corporation and was launched back in the year 2007.

In 2007 it was launched as a Box Retailer Copy. Similarly, the Publication responsibilities of the PlayStation3 version were given by Electronic Arts and that too in Europe and North America. The PlayStation3 version was launched back in the year 2007.

The Orange Box and Xbox One
The Orange Box and Xbox One

The Orange Box basically contains 5 complete games which have been compiled into a single retail unit. All the games in the Orange Box utilize a source engine which has been developed by Valves. The Orange Box contains the following games:

  • Half-Life 2 and its 2 episodes
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Portal

The games have been equipped with the ability to report as well as collect data of in-depth nature. This data is used for the generation of statistics related to the Gameplay. The Data includes

  • Dying location of the player’s character
  • Time of completion
  • Victories achieved in the multiplayer mode

In a recent development, Larry Hryb has made an announcement that the Orange Box is now available in the markets for Xbox One through backward compatibility. The Orange Box for Xbox one contains

  • Half-Life 2 and its 2 sequels
  • Team Fortress Two
  • Random physics puzzles games

The Orange Box for Xbox One has already been launched and has already hit the shelves hence quickly go to the best store in your locality and rapidly buys this new innovation as quickly as possible. We have tried to cover all the necessary details about Orange Box in this article, however, we believe that for a more detailed Know how you need to go the local store and see what other offerings it has with it.


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