Opera Software continues to push on with its free VPN campaign for all as they bring a new virtual private network to the iOS market. The app is free and the app is an extension of the free built-in virtual private network which was installed on the Mac and PC versions earlier this year. Opera is supported by the Canadian VPN company they purchased last year, SurfEasy, as they bid to provide their customers with free VPNs.

The company said one of the reasons they were offering the app was to help people circumvent the school and corporate firewalls. According to the company, they are trying to help corporate and students across the workplaces and school yards who find they can’t surf through their favored social media sites because of the company or school rules. SurfEasy’s president said the company was there to help people break down barriers as they prepared to launch the new app.

Opera launches new ad-blocking VPN browser app for Apple iOS users
Opera launches new ad-blocking VPN browser app for Apple iOS users

The new app will definitely be at crossroads with streaming service, Netflix. Netflix has been rather harsh on all VPN users and the initial tests show that the Opera VPN can not get around this VPN ban so far. The bar that one fault, Opera’s built-in VPN is actually good for all other geo-restricted websites. The VPN currently offers servers in countries such as the UK, US, Germany, the Netherlands, and Singapore.

The new mobile Opera also includes ad blocking features on it. Any online ads and web trackers that tend to follow users browsing habits online can be switched off on the app. Using the mobile app version is pretty easy for all. A simple download from the App Store and install it. After going through the usual agreement terms and regulations and clicking Continue a few more times, you get to the part where you have to add a VPN profile.

After that’s done the app begins working automatically. If for any reason you wish to change exit location, a simple tap on the lightning bolt icon will bring up a host of countries which are available for you to switch too.

Of note to take however is the fact that the app says in the terms and conditions that they may still collect the web addresses you visit. It’s unclear yet if Opera is preparing itself for a reverse or they will collect data as you use the VPN. The company had been contacted for comment.


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