While Opera already made available their free and unlimited Opera free VPN service to the iOS users by early this year, Android users had to wait for few more months to get that unique service and finally the company has made available their VPN service to the Android users as well.

Opera has acquired SurfEasy, a VPN company in the last year to provide users with free and unlimited VPN services. The interesting fact is, no log-in is required, there is no data limit , the subscription is also not required while you can enjoy the free and advanced Wi-Fi protection feature as well with that.

Opera Free VPN Service Reaches To Android
Opera Free VPN Service Reaches To Android

It comes packed with 5 location options such as US, Canada, Singapore, Germany and Netherland and users can choose to connect with any of the countries which will show as if the users is residing in that country. After selecting the location users can easily bypass the restricted content in that country with VPN and can go for usage as much as they can.

This app was launched by Opera for iOS users just a few months back and it got hugely popular in this small time span as this service is being downloaded by more than 1 million iOS users after the launch. The app comes with an ad-blocking feature which is really useful to save a great amount of time and frustration. The VPN service creates a very secure tunnel between the users and SurfEasy’s server so that other sites can’t track your web surfing and thus things become much more secure. So, while all are becoming very much security concerned these days, this VPN app introduced by Opera will do a great job.

The app is available to download in the Google Play Store. This service supports multiple languages, so you can choose the appropriate one for you.


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