Opera continues to bring out new technological products to enhance its product frequently these days. The Norwegian browser maker has launched power saving mode to the Web browser application. It is available in the advanced developer version of the browser so far but it will out to the public soon. The Senior Vice President of the company, Krystian Kolondra claimed that the new feature could increase battery life by up to 50 percent. Through a whole host of optimizations, such as reducing the activity of background tabs, the adaptation of the page redrawing frequency and tuning of the video playback settings.

Opera said results of their own tests showed that the battery life could be saved by up to 50 percent. A laptop running the new Windows 10 64 bit would last 49 percent longer than a normal computer if the power saving feature was switched on. One of the catch to the battery change is that the company did the experiment with the ad blocking feature also on. The ad blocking feature also helps to conserve battery.

Opera Adds New Battery Saving Feature Which Can Save Up To 50 Percent Of Battery Life
Opera Adds New Battery Saving Feature Which Can Save Up To 50 Percent Of Battery Life

A blue battery icon will appear next to the browser when the feature is switched on and the power cable of the laptop is removed. It can’t be done by default. When the laptop’s battery is running low, the browser will also suggest turning on the feature.

This is their third new feature over the past few month. They announced a new built-in ad-blocker and a free Virtual Private Network option on their browsers.

The company also recently received a buyout bid in the region of $820 million from a Chinese based consortium. The company has not replied to the offer yet and still have up to May 24 to reply.


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