Online TV streaming has become the new method of viewing television broadcasts and shows. This type of service uses the internet to transmit television signals. Many service providers already exist in this domain.

Most notable ones are Netflix, Amazon video, DirecTV and Sling TV. Many telecom service providers now want to enter the market. One such company is Verizon Communication Inc., better known as simply Verizon.

Online TV Service by Verizon this summer
Online TV Service by Verizon this summer

Verizon is a big name in the telecommunication and telecom service industries. It is the largest wireless service provider in the US with a strong foundation in the industry. According to a Bloomberg report, Verizon is planning to enter the online television streaming market with its own service by summer 2017, as told by people close to the matter.

The service would include many channels that one could watch over cable or satellite television services. The report stated that Verizon plans to price this new service close to its competitors, such as DirecTV Now, from $35 to $70 per month, and Sling TV, $20 to $40 per month. This price point will allow it to compete with other companies already in the business.

It was also reported that the new service would be separate from Verizon’s currently existing services go90, a YouTube like streaming-video service, and FiOS, its home internet-TV bundle service. It was also indicated in the report that the new service would also be available for people who have not subscribed to Verizon’s internet or mobile services.

Meanwhile, Verizon has not made a comment on this news. If this is true and Verizon does plan on entering the online streaming based television industry, then this could help the industry grow. As of 2017, the industry spans millions of subscribers all across the United States. Verizon’s inclusion will generate more competition and this would help bring more innovation to online TV.


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