Being able to shop online is a convenient way for people to do their price comparison shopping in their favorite coffee shop, or in the comfort and tranquility of their own home. By comparing prices online and not ever leaving your humble abode, you can take a look at endless merchandise at multiple stores. Researching online will give you a head’s up on what company is offering the best deals, free shipping, and other perks.

The Amazon Prime service that was started about 10 years ago began to offer free shipping on many of its products, making it a top retailer above some major corporate chains. But in the ever-changing world of technology, online shopping may have new concepts on the horizon.

Online Shopping In The Next 10 Years
Online Shopping In The Next 10 Years

One idea that is currently being tested by Amazon is the direct delivery of packages by use of drones. However, it is not to be expected without numerous legal and practical issues, to say the least. The FAA requires owners of drones to register their device through the FAA or risk significant penalties. The devices cannot be flown over 400 feet as well.

Another idea that has been compared to something out of a futuristic science fiction model is 3-D printing. The concept here would be for people to purchase software that would be able to build a toy or some other item right through the 3-D printing machine. Downloading a software packet and printing the final goods yourself? Not so sure about that one, but you never know.

The last two concepts are automated warehouses and driverless trucks. Programmed machines for warehouses to pick items off shelves without human operators and pre-programmed delivery trucks could reduce labor costs and the cost of meals and rest times for human workers. It will certainly be interesting to see where these ideas lead.

online-shopping-1online-shopping-2online-shopping-3online-shopping-4online-shopping-5online-shopping-6online-shopping-7Some more interesting views about the future of online shopping are discussed in the following Infographic by comparison shopping portal Shop smart.


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