Is it possible to earn large sums of money playing computer games? The answer is 100% yes. However, it doesn’t mean that a gamer has to play only. It is also important to spend a lot of time learning how to do it professionally.

To put it simply, a person who has decided to become a successful player can’t just choose any game. He/she should select games which are popular worldwide. For example, Dota, CS:GO, and others.

Online Gaming, Or A World Of Income Opportunities
Online Gaming, Or A World Of Income Opportunities

Making Money With CS:GO

Due to an uprising of skins, lots of people have already changed boring jobs for more entertaining ones. Selling, exchanging or buying of skins are just a few ways of earning money on virtual items. And with the right approach, it is more than possible to become successful. All you need is a reliable platform to sell these items. One of the most trusted ones is csgo with thousands of happy clients across the globe.

But where do all these skins come from? Well, this process is very simple and can be divided into 2 groups of players:

  1. If you are a newbie or have no desire to put much effort, then enter a marketplace and buy items you need. In 7 days they can be sold at the website. It is important to remember purchasing skins of “secret” and “forbidden” classes. There is no need to waste lots of money on expensive skins since commission for them will simply make you bankrupt. Moreover, buyers tend to purchase cheaper things, which is more than logical;
  2. If you have experience and feel confident in this field, then it is recommended to find a dealer who sells items 50% less from those you see at marketplaces.

Reselling is a great way of income. The only thing one has to do is to devote enough time. In such a way, success is guaranteed. While others are skeptical about this idea, you have a chance to get good profit!


Making Money With Dota2

Dota2 is not an exception when talking about money making. Here are 2 the most popular ways of earning money playing a favorite game:

  1. Trading items – this is the main method, but unfortunately not the most profitable one. It can be done by reselling items or waiting for a drop. The first option is the most practical because in the second situation one should be extremely lucky to wait for something really worthy;
  2. Livestream – Dota2 is popular for its live streaming available for absolutely everyone. Yet, for this activity bring money, one should get a certain quantity of spectators. So, how can one attract viewers? For instance, one can lead a stream of not only personal games but also various tournaments. Each 1000 views brings almost $4. The more subscribers and views you have, the more the income is!
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