Oneplus 5, the much-awaited successor of the much loved Oneplus 3T is now up for pre-order on a Chinese retailer site, Oneplus dubbed as the flagship killer of the industry has delivered consistently with their high-quality smartphones packed with the latest specs on the least imaginable price.

The flagship killer is all set to release the Oneplus 5 this summer, for people who are wondering why a Oneplus 4 did not hit the shelf, it’s because people in China are superstitious about the number four, it may sound bizarre but for the Chinese it’s associated with bad luck and Oneplus aren’t taking any chances with China being their main consumer base.

Oneplus 5, the much-awaited successor
Oneplus 5, the much-awaited successor

It’s available for preorder for $499 in a simple but sleek black color, Oneplus has kept up with the trend of dual cameras and Oneplus 5 has dual 23 MP cameras on the back, supported by a 16 MP front camera.

The 3T already had a blistering 6 Gbs of RAM but apparently, the folks at Oneplus want the customers to have more RAM, and so Oneplus 5 has 8 GB of RAM, which outruns many mainstream smartphones by light-years! With all that RAM in your hands, you can very well orchestrate a missile launch system from your smartphone!

The Oneplus 5 also has a 2k 5.5-inch display, in addition, they have kept the bezels to a minimum which would make it harder for you to look away from your phone ever! Other standard features include an expandable storage of 64 GB in the $449 version and 128GB expandable storage in the $668 version which will be released globally.

USB-C charging and no separate headphone jack make the Oneplus 5 an interesting choice. Will the Oneplus 5 be a lucky bid for Oneplus? Will this intelligent piece of technology captivate a larger following this time? Stay tuned and find out!


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