Microsoft’s OneDrive application for iOS just got a minor update. The new update brings a couple of new features for example, the addition of support for Apple Watch, an enhanced search experience inside the application and more.

The new update allows the Apple Watch clients to see the photographs stored on their OneDrive account; the feature requires OneDrive application to be installed on their iPhone.

The update brings the ability to view the latest pictures. It also introduces a choice with delete the photographs directly from the application, a vital feature which was missing since the application’s launch. Clients can now even use tags to search for photos. Additionally If your OneDrive account contains multiple albums, the application will show the albums separately.

The new update additionally brings a ton of improvements to the PDF file support; clients can print PDFs directly from their iPhone or iPad. Microsoft has additionally included support for searching text inside PDFs that makes working with PDFs a lot easier.

The new update is already available on the App Store and can be gotten from here.

Source: App Store


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