The iOS application economy is creeping into our lives consistently. About the demand, you know it, I know it, indeed, and we as a whole know it. In past few years, there was a variety of versatile applications by Americans developed exponentially.

What’s to come is probably brighter than at any other time for each iOS application improvement.

One feature we love about iOS 10.3
One feature we love about iOS 10.3

A few days ago, Apple announced to release an updated iOS for its mobiles for iPhone and iPads. For a specific time period, it will be available for the developers to test run it. It has been in the news that with this update, iOS 10.3 will have a theater mode where the user can switch to this mode with a black interface just like a theater.

Soon after it is available for iPhones and iPads, let’s see what happens for Apple Watch. Let’s have a quick run-through of what iOS is all about and what features iOS10.3 is bringing to us.

Change is the main consistent with iOS! The Apple Company teams up every time to bring improvement for its services and keep their users engaged.

The first feature we all must be excited about is Find my AirPods. AirPods was a new technology by Apple in their latest phone, just like an option of Find My iPhone, the apple is able to track your phone from the last known location This time you can find the last known location of AirPod in the event it is lost, the app is going to help you find its location on the map. With this feature, people who forget their AirPods often are safe now! It is important to know that AirPods do not have any GPS integrated with them; the app can only store the last location where it was connected to its iOS device.


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