Today, the very acclaimed ‘Office Lens’ application has finally made its debut on both iOS and Android. For those that are searching for a scanning tool on the go, Office Lens will be the perfect productivity application companion that should meet most if not all your needs.

Office Lens will permit you to capture pictures of different surfaces with content and convert them to readable pictures on your telephone. Office Lens can be used to capture receipts, business cards, white boards or some other surface with content. But, this isn’t what makes Office Lens exceptional.

Office Lens can capture a surface from any angle and properly reproduce a flat clear picture on your device. The application will even be able to convert your image into a Word document that can be easily edited. Office Lens can likewise save the picture as a searchable PDF, making organization much simpler.

Office Lens is available now for iOS and Android. For those using Windows Phone, you aren’t being left out this time around as Office Lens was released for Windows Phone over a year ago.

Source : Neowin


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