There’s been a lot of speculation about the Oculus Rift prior to its launch, which took place this week. Although the applications that are available in the store for the headset are immersive and beautiful, there are no titles on the list that have drawn any particular hype. It isn’t like the media that’s created around a new Call of Duty release or the kind of obsessive fan screaming heard both online and in the real world when Fallout 4 was announced.

Oculus Rift Causes Rift Within Market At Launch

In addition to this, although once you’re used to using the Oculus Rift the hardware feels natural to some when you’re additionally setting it up, that tune can easily change.  After all, since the Oculus Rift doesn’t run on its own, some purchasers won’t have all of the needed drivers for the device right out of the box.

All of that aside, the biggest thing that stands out about the Oculus Rift to most consumers is one thing and one thing alone: price. The Oculus Rift launched at a $600 price point. To many, the lack of strong titles and motion controls will tell them that it isn’t worth their investment just yet, and that’s okay. Many critics and reviewers are saying that they can feel that the Oculus Rift will bring about another technological revolution much like smartphones did, which could drive many consumers to overlook that price tag, however, and try to get ahead of the game on this one, but… we never know.

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